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Refund Policy

All damages are to be handled through the parcel service selected and the customer agrees to this when using our services. 

Use this link to process claims through USPS: 

Use this link to process claims through UPS: 

All glass bottle sodas are ordered at the customers discretion and the customer understands that once the bottles leave the hands of where locals snack, we are no longer liable for damage that takes place in transit. If an order with a glass bottle is damaged please contact your shipping carrier. 

Please note, we do not accept returns once the order has been received at their destination. 

Use this link to process claims through UPS:


Please Note:

For Chocolate & Candy: As temperatures rise it becomes increasingly difficult to guarantee sweets(chocolate) and other melt-able goods will arrive in good condition. If temperatures in your location, or throughout transit are above 70 degrees Fahrenheit, goods may arrive slightly melted. At temperatures above 80 degrees Fahrenheit, products will be prone to melting in transit.

PLEASE CONTACT US AT WHERELOCALSSNACK@GMAIL.COM WITH ANY QUESTIONS OR FOR ANY HELP WITH CLAIMS - REMEMBER: some carriers may require the customer to hold onto damaged items for
inspection. If this happens and the items are thrown away, Where Locals Snack can’t be held liable for any claim failure resulting from this event.


All limited edition, seasonal, or otherwise foreign sodas, beverages, and snacks are purchased at the customers discretion. With this in mind, the customer understands that some of these items, due to
their limited nature as well as importation process, hold a possibility of expiration or loss of carbonation. Due to the collectible nature of our items, Products are not guaranteed to be within expiration periods, and in most cases will see discounts on the items currently on hand have expired or gone past their best by date. Please contact us directly for information on current product dating. Returns are accepted for items returned in original condition.

Contact us directly for any further information on product dating at


Carbonation loss can be caused by change in elevation and temperature as carbonation is caused by a gas. Your package will undergo both changes in temperature and elevation during transport. Where Locals Snack can’t be held liable for damages or changes to the
product as a result of postal transit. Please contact your shipping carrier for
insurance and reimbursement matters involving ONLY damaged items as expiration
or loss of carbonation is a risk understood by the customer at time of purchase.

Expiration Date Guidelines:

- Collectibles: Any items marked as collectibles are not
meant for consumption after expiration date and sold as a Collectible

- Soda: As stated by the USDA, soda is good for 9 months after the expiration date.

- Chips: As stated by the USDA, chips are good
for 2-3 months after the expiration date

- Candy: As stated by the USDA, candy is good for
about 6-9 months after expiration date

- Chocolate: As stated by the USDA, chocolate is good for a year after the expiration date

We are not responsible for any temperature-related damages caused during

All above terms are understood by and accepted by the customer at time of purchase.  

For any other questions about claims and potential refunds or returns please email